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Cosmos Connect®

Cosmos Connect®

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Play video games, activate switch toys, dine independently, check text messages, and more, all using the Cosmos Connect® and a Bluetooth® switch.

The Cosmos Connect® is a small, portable switch that turns a single sensor into multiple outputs. The Cosmos Connect® app, installed on your Windows® OS-compatible device, is designed to match not only the device but also the context of a specific activity. Intuitive menus present choices right for the current context, giving independence and control to the user. The app comes with cloud-based presets to simplify setup and create meaningful context right from the home screen.

Combining the Cosmos Connect® with the NeuroNode® (or any Bluetooth® switch) gives the user control over a phone, computer, or any switch activated device. 

The Cosmos Connect® does not come with a Bluetooth® switch. To learn more about funding or purchasing the NeuroNode®, click here.

What’s in the Box

- Cosmos Connect® Device

- USB-C®-compatible connecting cable 

- 8 wires

- USB-C®-compatible hub

- Instruction booklet

- App download instructions

System & Hardware Requirements and Compatibility

- Windows® OS-compatible device (operating Windows 10® or above)

- Bluetooth® switch

Shipping & Returns & Cancellations

Shipping is free to the continental US

Shipping charges are added based on location to HI, AK, and outside the US

Shipping is currently available in the US, Canada, and Australia. For other countries, please call (855) 831-7521

Returns are accepted within 30 days if the product is unused

Cancellations are accepted until order is shipped


Product dimensions

4.5” x 3” x 1.2", .32 lbs

Box dimensions

12.25” x 7.75” x 2.5”, 1.3 lbs

Shipping dimensions

13” x 9” x 4”, 1.5 lbs

Tech Specs

Connections: 8 3.5mm auxillary ports; 1 USB-C®-compatible


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App Download

Cosmos Connect® Application will be available for download after the purchase of a Cosmos Connect®. You will recieve an email with download instructions, please download the software on the device you'll be using with the Cosmos Connect®. Instructions will also be provided in your Cosmos Connect® box.

Questions? Contact us 513-453-4848

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